Oppan kotsen maar!

(Deutsch: Oppan Kotzen JA! English: Oppan puke YEAH!)
Written by: Jehan Daal

Ever since my last column, I have big brothers and sisters all around the world who are keeping an eye on me.
“Hi girl, how are you today? Have you been running b.t.w.?”
“Hi Jehan, how is the running going?”
“Are the Milners back yet?”
“Wow, that was a fast run! Congrats.”

You understand that there is no way that I can lack motivation or even worse: quit. I simply have to go, to get my stamina and Milners back and to keep you guys satisfied ;-).
Doesn’t matter if I have to run through stormy or rainy weather. There are no excuses. Believe me, we had some really bad weather. Apparently someone was reallyyyyy pissed. So yes, it can be tough sometimes, but that is all part of the game.

On my menu: short runs on regular basis. Starting with a slow pace and improving as time goes by. As much as I would love to, there is no way that I get back into running on my old level. At least not for now. I have to take small steps to achieve the bigger goals. But that’s okay. I will get there.

A Sunday morning:
It was only one K to get home. Run downwards, go through the tunnel and after that the finish line would be near. I was running at a low pace, when I saw some people at the end of the tunnel. They were talking and just standing there.
My iPod announced the song from PSY, Gangnam Style. No way that you can run on a low speed, while listening to a song like that! The beast inside of me roared and came out. My common sense disappeared. My legs speed up and I transformed into a graceful, but fast chasing cheetah. (A girl can dream, can’t she). The chatting people stared at me, but I didn’t pay any attention to them. My hair moved in the wind and I felt like I was on top of the world.
Until I stopped. The chasing cheetah was gone. Instantly I felt as nauseous as a cat. OMG, I had to throw up. I tried not to gag. “You are so not going to puke,” I told myself firmly. I walked the last couple of meters home, trying to look healthy and happy. That is how I should have looked after this fast and fabulous workout!

And still Gangnam Style is on my Running playlist. When I hear the intro I smile and skip it right away. Why do you smile? You probably wonder. Well, because of two reasons.
1) I think of that particular run when I wasn’t only nauseous, but also as fast as a chasing cheetah.
2) Because I know that there will be a day in the future when my stamina and legs are ready. And at that very moment, I will unleash the beast again! To be continued…


4 thoughts on “Oppan kotsen maar!

    • Thanks! Ik zeg: “join me!” Gaan we samen strak(ker) het nieuwe jaar in. Waarheen kan ik het start 2 run schema sturen? Dave kan vast nog een parner in crime gebruiken voor zijn volgende Strong men run. Heb trouwens ook grips, mocht je van opdrukken houden.

      En hoe staat het met de conditie van vrouwlief trouwens? Mariek: are you in for a ladies run in 2013?


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