The perfect stranger

Written by: Jehan Daal

It all started with a fortune cookie or perhaps with Nike+. Anyway. Last Christmas my family and I were having dinner. During dessert a large box of fortune cookies appears at the table. Everyone has to pick one and read it out loud. OMG, the box is coming my way. I’m way too ‘down to earth’ to believe in something like this. Everyone is looking at me and I do not want to be the one who is spoiling all the fun. I take one out and crunch it. With a theatrical voice I read what’s on it. “A stranger will bring great meaning to your life.” I smirk.
“You should keep the paper in the cover of your mobile phone,” one family member advises me. I give her the ‘have you gone completely mad’ look.
“Are you afraid that this might come true?”
“Of course not.” I do what she asks me to do.

I’m a runner with ups (100K a month) and downs (30K a month)and last but not least, with a virtual boyfriend.What that is? A male friend I met on Nike+. He encourages me to run, teases me when his team beats mine and has a great sense of humour. But now, I’m no longer his virtual girlfriend. I turned into a friend and Nike+ friend.

Which means:
– Sending me emails at a time that normal people are sleeping (including me of course).
– Laughing at me when I try to write an instruction video in business German and end up
writing porn. Oops!
– Reading and responding to my emails while the word “book” would be more appropriate
instead of the word email.
– That he can really piss me off sometimes.

“That sounds like love,” says one of my friends with a smile on her face. She is hoping that her dream of me having a boyfriend again, would finally come true.
“Nope.” I smile. “You know what I love about this?”
She shakes her head.
“The fact that this is so not love, we will never meet and he lives at least 2182 km away from me.” (Correct me if I’m wrong K.)
“But he is always there to make this girl laugh, give her a piece of advice, to motivate her to run (even if she beats his team and she loves to do that) and to piss her of every now and then.”

Still I don’t believe in fortune cookies, but I do believe in this perfect not perfect and therefore so perfect stranger who brings great meaning to my life.


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