10 times me

Did you know that Jehan…

  • Is a black Dutch girl? Yup, she is born and raised in the Netherlands.
  • Is a communication professional. To her everything is communication. 
  • Was an Apple lover long before the majority found out that it is more than a piece of fruit?
  • Has Antillean blood running through her veins? Even though she is a real bounty, you can tell she is Antillean by 3 things: her natural sense of rhythm, she is a bit passionate and always interested in what you are having for dinner even if it is still morning.
  • Is a true but why-er?
  • Mostly gets addressed with Mr. (in emails and letters), because most people are too lazy to Google her.
  • Her friends call her a bakery (or a feeder *LOL*), she loves to try new recipes or spoil people with food!
  • Really likes running and uses her running sunglasses for more than sun and mosquito’s protection? #roundbuttlover #checkingtheguysout
  • Is a box disliker?
  • Thinks that tennis player Nadal is cute? Oh and add the two main characters of Suits to it please. 😀